Not you too, you’re too cute

o rly?

I swear that was the real thing that Hillary said to me.

Hillary says I'm too cute

hillary saying

The plurk is here.

Anyway, If you’re too lazy to open the plurk, I was asking for opinions for a niche I can blog about. I mean, I’ve blogged about many things in my personal blog, mainly because I have too many interests. I initially wanted to talk about web 2.0 and social media, but to be honest I’m quite tired about them and I don’t want to be seen as “following the trend”. Let me talk about it later.

Suggestions came in. Krisandro mentioned accessory making, which I enjoy so much doing, but lately I have too little time to make those trinkets. Malique mentioned about simple and easy recipes, but I don’t really cook and thus I’m not really able to churn original content. Paced mentioned about movie reviews. I like movies and I like reviewing them, but the problem is I don’t watch movies that often anymore. Hillary recommended about fashion. She said I got good imagination with fashion (which is actually unproven). Well, I can write about fashion of course, but no one will really be interested I think, unless overweight girls fashion is on fire.

The reason why I didn’t want to blog about social media was that.. I believe in original content. Sure I can browse through the blogs talking about social media and then write articles similar to them. In fact I can blog about anything if I want to. Information in the Internet is endless and a bit too much. Found this, found that, copy-paste, put image, a blogpost done. But no, that’s not what I want.

So the important question is.. Why did I finally decide to blog about social media/web 2.0?

This is because.. I realize I have unique stories about social media/web 2.0. As I mentioned in the previous post, I’ve been muddling in web 2.0 for quite some time but well.. I’m not really those prominent bloggers who has thousands of followers/subscribers, who always blog regularly (notably with lists) about “Things in Social Media”.

I’m not.

But I’m inside.

Remember this guy?
This is Linguini from the movie Ratatouille. Before he ever became the famous chef (or rather.. “chef”), he was just the cleaner in the kitchen. He’s not cooking for you, no, but he’s inside, he’s part of the kitchen/restaurant.

If this guy blogs..
head chef
(this is the head chef, by the way)
What will the blogpost be?

In restaurant business, the important thing is to bring smiles to the customer. So no matter who the customer is, no matter how weird their requests are, they’re still number one. So today I encountered this customer that sent a special request to the kitchen asking for roasted duck, but the duck must be female. You can either 1. freak out or 2. find a way to talk to them. The tactic of this is ……

But when the cleaner boy is blogging, what will it be?

You know what the most important thing in restaurant business is? Somebody who can be told to do anything impossible! Like calling duck meat suppliers and ask for female duck meat. Not just any duck meat, must be a female duck meat. So I went frantic and dealt with them and …..

This blog will contain the stories like these. Ok, not that extreme, but something you might not have heard in the middle of this social media abyss.

So keep coming back for more. For the very first time, I’m going to open up about what I think about social media/web 2.0.


2 Responses to “Not you too, you’re too cute”

  1. amsiewong Says:

    I am looking forward to more posts 🙂


  2. sylvgee Says:

    thank’s amsie. Hope you’ll enjoy my next posts! 😀

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