How to link your name to your webpage on




I’ve been seeing this problem by comments left by my friends. It will have their name (their username), but that name isn’t linked to their blog.


This is a disadvantage, since people who want to visit back will have difficulties to go directly to the webpage (the blog). Most of the time I will need to type to visit their blogs. Well I do that, but how many other people/bloggers do that? They’ll most probably just pass it off. No traffic is going to you! Ho noes!

This is because they’re usually already signed in to their account and since they already are, they don’t need to fill in the details such as name, e-mail, and web URL like usual comment form asks for.

So behold! I’m going to teach you how to link your name to your webpage, and watch your traffic increasing (well, hopefully :P).

First step, go to your Dashboard

And then click “Users”

And now, click “Your Profile”

Now scroll down and find the section Contact Info.
Find the textbox named Website

…. and enter your website address there.

And there’s no next step! That’s it! So easy.

Hope it was helpful for you! 🙂

Original photo by Vox Efx


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