OnSugar – Super Sweet Blogging Platform (with sneak peeks!)

I’m so excited to share with you all the new kid in the blogging platform block : OnSugar.

I have been an avid follower of Sugar Networks blogs. Fabsugar and BellaSugar is my daily bread for fashion and beauty, and of course GeekSugar to feed my geekiness.

I got the news in my Google Reader one fine morning and one thing caught me : free access to Getty Images and Fashion Week photos! Oh my! As I have been blogging for quite some time, one of the most tedious things to do is to find images. Not just any image, it must be an image that’s free from copyright restrictions. Getting in a legal mess just because of a picture is the last thing I want to have in my blogging journey.

So since I was already a member in the Sugar Networks, I quickly headed to OnSugar and created my first website. Check out Sweet as Sugar. It’s just a test website though, so not much is there actually.

Anyway that aside, I’m so in love with this blogging platform. It’s like the bastard child of tumblr and wordpress plus so much more features. To see the sneak peeks please read more to continue. It’s gonna be long so I hope you can keep up with it!



The OnSugar Dashboard

The OnSugar Dashboard



The dashboard looks a lot like Tumblr’s Dashboard.


The Tumblr Dashboard

The Tumblr Dashboard


This is because OnSugar offers different type of posts. However as you can see OnSugar has more variety in post types. Let me go through them.


Gallery allows you to.. well, make gallery of photos.

You upload photos from your hard disk using a Java applet.


Adding Photos to OnSugar Gallery

Adding Photos to OnSugar Gallery



Oddly enough they don’t give options to make a gallery of photos from Getty Images or Fashion Week.

Check out a test gallery.


This is so exciting! You’re given a “canvas” to create a “look”. Basically you can add photos of different products you like! The search is provided through ShopStyle, which then will search numerous online shopping websites. It’s very user friendly. Just click add image, and search.


Search Results for Brown Top on ShopStyle

Search Results for Brown Top on ShopStyle

The search can further refined by brand, price, store, and sale.

Refining ShopStyle Search

Refining ShopStyle Search

After adding the images, you can freely move your images and resize it. You can also add some text.

Make a Spread on OnSugar

Make a Spread on OnSugar

You can also add a background to the photos so it looks like a polaroid.

Check out the spread post.

Poll and Quiz

Well these two are pretty explanatory.. To make polls and quizzes, in an easy, automated way.


Making Quiz on OnSugar

Making Quiz on OnSugar


Making Polls on OnSugar

Making Polls on OnSugar

No more going to external poll maker such as PollDaddy.

Others (basic stuff)

The other stuff is pretty much the same with Tumblr. Quote, Link, Chat, Video, and Audio. I wonder what’s the limit for video and audio upload though.

Now even though I’ve been comparing it with Tumblr, it has features that Tumblr doesn’t.

Static Pages


Editing Pages on OnSugar

Editing Pages on OnSugar



It again has different types of pages that you can add, based on the categories. If you want to add something more generic, such as About Me, you can add “text”.


Similar of that of WordPress, you can easily customize your sidebar by adding pre-designed widgets. Including twitter and flickr too!


Editing Widgets on OnSugar

Editing Widgets on OnSugar



Of course if you want something more generic, there’s always “Text or HTML”.


OnSugar offers RSS Feed, and “Follow this site” feature. If someone, a member of TeamSugar, follows your site, he/she will get e-mail alert everytime you post a new post.


There are pre-made themes but we’re free to customize the themes using the in-built theme editor.


Theme Editor on OnSugar

Theme Editor on OnSugar



I think the pre-made themes are pretty enough though 🙂


Verdict : KEWLNESS.

What I like

  • Different types of posts that doesn’t require any programming
  • Free Getty Images and Fashion Week photos. Plus ShopStyle photos too.
  • Clean and fast interface
  • No advertisements
  • Fully editable theme (CSS) with user-friendly editor

What I don’t really like

  • Only TeamSugar registered users can leave comments (a subtle forced sign up)
  • Inflexible. Codes are not open source and there are no plugins to be added. But who needs plugins anyway when there are already many features bundled?
  • OnSugar.com subdomain. I hope in the future it can support custom domain name though.
  • In the Spread post, you can’t rotate or flip things. In short, no further image editing capabilities are available.

More info

If you want more information, head on to What is OnSugar to see the site running. Features (including the technology behind it, for you geeks) are listed in this post.


After my write-up, what do you think about OnSugar? 🙂

4 Responses to “OnSugar – Super Sweet Blogging Platform (with sneak peeks!)”

  1. iammyy Says:

    This looks rather attractive although I’m not sure how popular it will become when Tumblr already has a rather stable community. I will really love to see livejournal functions,such as entries visible only to certain friends etc.

    Looking forward to see more improvements and it’ll great if we can include this on our domain like wordpress !

  2. sylvgee Says:

    hi iammyy,
    I think this will be a hit in the Sugar Networks itself, which has a lot of users already.
    Your suggestion such as entries visible only to certain friends is very interesting! That will surely be useful.
    When I was in the “Site Settings” I saw a tooltip saying “Domain Mapping coming soon!”. Does that mean it’s going to offer mapping our own domain? Hmmm 😀

  3. Karen Says:

    I have geeksugar on my bookmarks. 😀
    Trust me, geeksugar is THE best geek site ever!

  4. sylvgee Says:

    Karen, haha me too! It’s in my Google Reader. GeekSugar is awesome coz she churns out contents consistently, so I will always have something to read. Haha.

    Plus, Geek + Chic = SEXY! 😀 Haha.

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