And you thought newspaper is dead..


Part of NaBloPoMo 2008

Part of NaBloPoMo 2008

With all these talks about new media I’ve seen the trend of people moving to online means to get their newest news. I can’t deny that it happened to me too. Well sorry, when I’m in front of my computer almost 24 hours a day (minus the time I take to sleep and to go to bathroom and to eat), it kinda doesn’t make sense to go down to nearest convenience store or uncles aunties in front of MRT station to buy the newspaper.


However I still longed to read a newspaper. Seriously, even with 54.0 Mbps internet, clicking a link to go to another story still takes longer than flipping the paper.

And furthermore I longed for news from Indonesia. Singapore news websites are of course overloaded with Singapore news. is one reliable source for me, as it is the website of Kompas, the most popular and generally trustworthy newspaper in Indonesia (Jakarta). However the website is just too cluttered with ads it turned me off. is another option but the website is just, to say the least, not very pretty. (websites are in Indonesian)

There are only few good Indonesian blogs I know. And just like that, I was shut out from news of Indonesia.

However things changed when my friend introduced me to the coolest newspaper ever : EPaper Kompas, online!

It looks exactly like the real newspaper..


Screenshot of EPaper Kompas

Screenshot of EPaper Kompas

Well if only I had bigger screen. Big sigh.

Using broadband 54.0 Mbps internet, the pages load smoothly and the flipping doesn’t take very long. I wonder how it works using less superior Internet in Indonesia though. I figure that maybe this ePaper is targeted to Indonesians abroad (like me). Well most Indonesians (at least in Jakarta) are subscribed to Kompas everyday anyway.

Anyway, since this is talking about new media, I guess it’s worthy to mention that Kompas itself has its own blog network called Kompasiana. It is mainly populated by the journalists of Kompas, with “celebrity bloggers” adding spices here and there. Read more about it in Budiputra’s CNet entry. By the way, Budi Putra is known as Indonesia’s first professional blogger (he let go his job as a journalist in a well-known local magazine to be a professional blogger). Aside from Kompasiana, Kompas also has KoKi (Kompas Kita/Komunitas Kita – Our Kompas, Our Community), a portal dedicated to citizen journalism.

Whoever thought that the so-called traditional media is dead, hasn’t found Indonesia’s strong “traditional media in new media”, Kompas. They hit back hard, surely!

Bravo Kompas!

Wonder when Today and The Straits Times will follow.. No, I refuse to acknowledge people bashing Stomp‘s Singapore Seen as citizen journalism portal.


One Response to “And you thought newspaper is dead..”

  1. shaaakspsyco Says:

    oh yes, newspapers and all. too much.

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